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The Nice Girl

What are the chances that you would meet a stranger one day that could kill , kidnap, test, hurt, or hug you?  That’s what happens to Kate in the short film - The Nice Girl.  After a terrible day at work, Kate is accosted by Jack, a stranger, who leads her on a quick journey, one that can change her if she plays her cards right.

The Nice Girl is a short film directed by V.K. Shah, director of The Cheapest Man In The Room and Welcome To Shady Pines.  This ten minute high definition film stars April Wade and Sigmund Watkins, both emerging and talented actors in Los Angeles. 

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Review from the Independent Critic

"Shah clearly knows his strength lies in Miceal Og O'Donnell's solid script and in giving his cast room to flex their muscles.  "The Nice Girl" is proof positive that a talented director, writer and cast can nearly always overcome the inherent limits of low-budget filmmaking.  "The Nice Girl" is an intelligent and insightful film from a promising director, a gifted writer and two actors whose names you will likely be hearing in the future. "