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The Cheapest Man in the Room

The Cheapest Man in the Room is a new short comedy by director V.K. Shah.  This sixteen minute high definition film will bring you into a world unexplored.  Set in modern day Los Angeles, the film follows an eclectic and quirky cast of characters through love, drama, work, life, and of course, cheapness.    

Ross Carter lives a normal life … for a guy on a budget. Some people call him thrifty, or economical, or even a money saver - Ross is all of those and more.    He is surrounded by hilarious people, including his cheap old mentor Harold, his all-knowing roommate Dwayne, and the glamorous lady at the Country Time Senior Center – Geena.  Life is good for Ross and his coupons, 2 for 1 sales, and free car washes, but that all changes when he meets the lovely Jenny Shree, an intelligent young woman and world traveler.  Jenny is not impressed with Ross’s cheap ways – which includes bringing a bag of old wine to a date – and she challenges Ross on his cheapness.    

The Cheapest Man in the Room is a fresh comedy that will make you think – “Am I that cheap?”

Review from the Independent Critic:
"Having played at several film festivals, including the Rome International Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Shorts Fest, The Cheapest Man in the Room is a 16-minute comedy that works on the strength of Shah's gift for dialogue and embracing of even the quirkiest parts of humanity. While the story here is played for laughs, they're well earned laughs with an affection for the characters rather than at the expense of the characters, especially our thrifty hero. While everyone in the cast performances nicely, Christina July Kim is the stand out here as a young woman clearly appalled by Ross's thrifty ways."

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