V.K. Shah - Director

Post Production Services

In addition to being an editor, I have honed my skills in many aspects of post production.  People get stuck in many technical areas and major post production houses confuse them and charge high rates for impersonal services.   I treat every job that I do like my own and pay attention to make sure it’s what you want.  I prefer not to charge by the hour because I am here to get the job done, not milk the hours for profit. 

Post Production Management

With my full range of experience in post production, I am often brought on to projects or companies as a post production manager.  I oversee a company’s post production, which includes video and sound editing, color correction, and mastering.  More advanced work includes network setup, media management, online management, archival and library management, upgrading and setup of equipment.  I organize the entire post production process so the company is setup for a long time.   

DVD Mastering and Duplications

            When I worked as an editor, I saw a need from clients for DVD copies of their work.  So I began DVD Duplications.  There are several processes in making the DVD, from encoding, DVD menus, DVD cover and disc design, and then of course duplications.  I work with you to create the right look for your DVD and I achieve a high quality look.  I work with NTSC and PAL, and I can even extract your DVD to make it into an editable file.  Even if you just want screener DVD’s, I can help you make you DVD simple and effective. 

Technical Support Packages

I understand that post production can get complicated, but I am here to assist you.  I offer hourly tech support or pre paid monthly plans.  These include phone support, in office support, software updates, basic editing, exports, show preparation, computer setup, website management, and many other technical services.  Plans are based on an average amount of hours per month and can be customizable.  Some plans are specific towards online media management, computer setup, or phone support. 

Digital Archive 

These days, you need media ready for the internet and email.  The digital archive does that.  I take your media and convert into several formats for email and online use.  They vary in size and format so you can have the option of which file to use at any time. 

Reel Editing

Having a reel is vital for any filmmaker.  I edit reels for actors, DP’s, and even editors.  For a flat fee, I convert all of your footage into an editable format, and then we select the best material.  I work with you to create graphics and select music that fits your style.  I can even re-edit scenes they way you want.  I also give you a test DVD so you can show it to a few people to get feedback.  Once we’re done, I will give you a few DVD copies along with an internet ready version of the reel.  I can even assist you on setting up a basic website or posting it online.  If you think you want to update your reel, then I can store your media or organize it for you on a hard drive for future use. Besides my reels, click here to check out these reels I’ve edited.

Online Editing

Finishing a film takes a lot of organization and attention to detail.  I understand all formats and I can finish your film in the right way.  I organize the elements – sound, music, color correction, trailer, and graphics and prepare them in new project.  Then I create several masters – HD, SD, textless, international, split track, PAL, NTSC, and more.  I also prepare files for the internet so you can easily upload them to any website.  

Pre-Audio Passes

Before sending out cuts, you often need get your audio sweetened.  You may not be ready for a full sound mix, so I provide a pre audio pass.  I do basic sound design pass and a full mix in your Final Cut Pro or Avid sequence.  I work in your studio or at my home studio.  Once the mix is done, you have all off the settings for future use. 

Color Correction

Color correction is a specialized category of post production where you can not only fix any color issues from the production, but you can create a new style.  Color correction is about understanding colors and how these colors relate to the film.  I perform my color correction in Final Cut Pro and in Color.  View my color correction reel for before and afters.

Festival Coordinator

Finishing your film is a great feat, and calls for celebration!  Yeah!!! Here comes the next part – film festivals.  There are thousands of festivals with lots of requirements and fees.  I will come up with a festival strategy for your short film, doc, or feature production.  For local festivals, I will attend it with you to setup the promotional material, take publicity photos, and coordinate your guests.