V.K. Shah - Director

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Christopher Seaton - Producer

The son of a Swedish mother and an American father, Christopher Clyde Seaton divided his upbringing between Sweden and the United States before beginning grade school in West Palm Beach, Florida. Interested in visual arts from a very young age, Christopher’s interest in film and theatre developed during high school, after which he studied at the USC School of Cinema-Television and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. After graduating from USC, Christopher began work as a publicist for Block-Korenbrot Public Relations, assisting on award campaigns for such films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as the HBO series Sex and the City and The Sopranos. Christopher has written, produced, and directed several award-winning shorts. The Cheapest Man in the Room marks his first collaboration with director V.K. Shah since the two attended film school together…And yes, the film is V.K.’s autobiography.

Joshua Polizzi - Ross

Josh grew up just outside of Chicago in Zion, Illinois. He always had a love for films and when his career as a belly dancer didn't work out, he finally got enough balls to try it as an actor. He nailed his first audition and got the part. Soon Josh was heading into Chicago to catch classes and feel his way around. He would work an overnight job cleaning at a local college. After seeing the early morning planes heading west, he made a promise that he would be on one by the end of the year. He kept that promise, and he has been kicking around Los Angeles for 6 1/2 years working, training, learning, loving.

Christina July Kim - Jenny

Christina grew up in the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She first took a speech and drama class in 8th grade where she landed the role of Buttercup in her school's production of "The Princess Bride." She escaped racial prejudices through acting and found freedom of expression through the theatre. In high school, she continued to study acting and with the counsel of her high school drama teacher Diane Keyson, she decided to apply to the Bachelor of Fine Arts acting program at the University of Southern California. 1 semester before graduating from college, Christina got a great opportunity in Seoul, Korea and took a leave of absence from USC and worked as a radio DJ in Seoul. It was here that she learned to embrace her Korean heritage and culture. She returned to California 2 years later, graduated from USC in 2007 with her BFA in acting, and is now a working actor.   www.ChristinaJulyKim.com

Noah J Smith - Dwayne

Noah is a West Virginia native, and started his acting career in Columbus, OH with a helping hand from a photographer (Greg James) that introduced him to Carol the owner of CAM Talent, the top agency in Columbus, OH. Within the first month Noah was working on major print campaigns and after some training he started landing roles in national commercials and working on local short films and a supporting role in "Passing The Bar" before making the big leap of faith, in December 2005, to "Hollywood".  After 2 months of being in the wild west, Noah booked his first lead role in a independent feature film "Right Place, Wrong Time". Since then, Noah has landed roles in a few short films and national commercials for Reebok & Coors Light, as well as print jobs. Noah is also a Headshot photographer-www.tripleglance.com. Noah is represented by Momentum Talent in Los Angeles.

Jackie Goldberg - Geena

Jackie Goldberg, the "Pink Lady", is a motivational speaker, teacher, actor, writer, and toastmaster. For over 40 years, she has been in the fashion industry as a Womens' Wear marketing & sales rep and has motivated employees by boosting morale and improving sales techniques. Jackie is a mother of five and a grandmother of six. She is a motivational speaker for the "Get Up, Get Out, and Get a Life" series. Jackie has tons of energy and a zest for life that comes across in all of her work.  www.PinkLady7.com

Oto Brezina - Harold (Emmy Award Winner)

Oto’s entry of his acting presence dates back ten years ago. Initially, his first baby steps to feel out the waters lead him to working as a background extra in several major studio features. After these test runs, he stepped in to insignificant speaking roles with few lines and gradually to speaking ones in leading or supporting roles. He performs films of different genres and a variety of characters the best, especially those where a natural accent is part of the role. His triumph came just recently by winning an Emmy Award in PSA category by Academy for TV Arts and Sciences.



Gas Station Manager  Vijay Rathi
Waiter  Christopher Clyde

Bikini Woman 1  Derlyne Joseph
Bikini Woman 2  Nicole Sierra
Bikini Woman 3  Christina Christensen

Background  Vira Chhay
Background  Dre Sossa


Director of Photography  Chris Brown

Gaffer  Aimee Galicia Torres

Assistant Camera 1 Brett Zuckerman
Assistant Camera 2  Aimee Galicia Torres

Production Sound  Evan Freeman
Make-up Artist  Nikki Star


Judy Webster
Tim Simpson
Mike Prim
Robin Yoo

Production Assistants

Vira Chhay
Nicole Marchluk
Ryan Sturz
Jonathan J. Moore
Sergio Pelaez


Jason E. Jones
Ryan C. Spillers

Casting Associates

Shannon Evans
Sergio Pelaez
Dominic Saxon

2nd Team

Cinematographer  Chris Seaton
Steadi-Cam Operator  Jason Dittmer
Car Mount Engineer  Keith Schwebel
Sound Mixer  Randy Saucedo
Credits Director  Chris Seaton

Production Assistants

Mark Alan
Corinne Maloney
Jonathan J. Moore
Marcy Patterson
K. Darren Schwebel
Kevin Schwebel
Kerstin Seaton
Jeremie Smith
Ryan Spillers
Lauren Yach

Post Production Services  Creative Post

Editor  V.K. Shah
Associate Editor  Keith Schwebel
Additional Editing  Jonathan J. Moore
Sound Designer  Craig Polding
Color Timer  Vladmir Ngorny

Original Score  Holly Amber Church

Credits Music

"Spanish Phunk"
Billy G. Roberson, Jr.
B Rob Productions